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Larry Flynt is right, you guys suck!

29 August 2011

Here’s a reason why I dig my editor, Rhonda Helms — she’s not a New Yorker. There are many other reasons she’s a great editor (not the least of which is how she makes it look as though I can tell a coherent story), but I’m rather glad she’s not part of the New York publishing establishment.

I like New York. I had the opportunity to visit, first when I was 19, then a bit later, but I very much liked the city when I was there. But New York is its own planet. It’s got loads of character, but it in no way resembles the rest of the country. Yet, for almost as long as we’ve had books in this country, New York City has been the center of the publishing world. A small group of people in a city that has almost nothing in common with the nation at large has been responsible for deciding what we all should be reading. And, to me, that math just doesn’t work out.

With wider digital distribution and awesome upstart publishers (like, of course, my favorite Eight Cuts Gallery Press), that dynamic is starting to change. Books are starting to appear from every corner of the world, with even a few major publishers (my pals at Carina Press being a shining example) willing to take a chance on something strange and even throw some marketing cash behind it.

New York will always be an awesome, cool city — but I don’t think it’ll be the center of the publishing world much longer, and I’m happy about that.

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  1. Rhonda Helms permalink
    29 August 2011 1117

    Woohoo! I’m super happy to be your editor. 😀

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