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The Long Road

23 August 2011

As per usual, I have a bunch of projects up in the air. Apart from the current Tweet_Book, though (which almost doesn’t count, as it’s been part of my daily routine for years now), none of them is a novel I’m writing on my own (I’m co-authoring a couple). Until now, that is.

Starting a novel is always an interesting experience. You know a few things at the outset — a basic idea of your plot, a good handle on your characters, maybe a couple of scenes you want to make sure you work in. But most of all, you know it’s going to be a lot of work, and it’ll feel like forever between the moment you write the first words and the moment you write the last.

It’s my second-favorite time in the novel-writing process, the first being that instant I finish the first draft. At the outset of the process, there are no problems, no plot holes — only possibility. This is before I start obsessing over word choice, before I scan for awkward dialogue tags, before I’ve read each word so many times I develop an irrational hatred of the letter M. (I mean, just look at it, all smug and pointy over there … it’s mocking me.)

But, even with all the problems and headaches ahead, I’m always excited to start. It’s a long road, but it’s one worth traveling. Otherwise, I’d just stay home.

So what’s your favorite part of the creative process? Your least favorite?

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  1. Christopher Gronlund permalink
    24 August 2011 0607

    I love when any substantial draft is done and I hear the groan of my old laser printer. I love the time that old thing takes to print a novel because in that time, I clean my desk of all the notes and things I needed to write the novel. (Although Evernote helps that problem these days.)

    And then–more than anything–I love when my desk is spotless, with one exception: that freshly printed novel sitting on my desk!

    It’s a physical reminder of all the work I did to get there, and few things in the world are as beautiful to me as that crisp stack of pages waiting to be edited.

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