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17 August 2011

One of the comments I got — a lot — about 47 Echo was something along the lines of “this would make a good movie.” One reviewer went so far as to suggest I should maybe be writing screenplays as opposed to novels (it was said in a much nicer way than that, though).

Of course, I like 47 Echo, so I’m all for a movie or an HBO series (Hollywood, I’m looking in your direction…). But really, I’m not the person to write it. Don’t get me wrong — if a producer asked me to take a crack at a screenplay, I’d happily do so. But I’m not my first choice for the job. I don’t really have a first choice other than “not me.”

The cool thing to me about film adaptations to me is seeing what other creative people do with the material. The book is always its own entity to me, just as the film is. They share a common ancestry, but they’re different animals. That’s why you’ll never hear me complain that a film “didn’t follow the book at all.” It’s not necessarily supposed to. It’s a movie, not a staging of the exact events in the book.

Hundreds of talented people come together to make a film — screenwriters, directors, actors, effects people, makeup, wardrobe, location scouts, sound designers, lighting, technical crew. One (or two) people make a book. Just from the sheer number of people involved in a film, it’s going to be different than the source material, and I celebrate that.

So, what’s the film adaptation that was furthest from the book that you still liked?

And hey, if you’re bored, cast 47 Echo in the comments. Who should play who? Who should direct? I’m interested in seeing what you all, being creative folks, come up with.

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  1. Trace permalink
    17 August 2011 1056

    Nick is a tough one. not many Asian leading actors around these days. What’s Ernie Reyes Jr. up to these days?

    For a director, Ridley Scott would be epic. He can handle sci-fi and war (Alien, Black Hawk Down).

    • 17 August 2011 1120

      You know, I hadn’t even thought of Ernie Reyes. Interesting idea…

  2. 18 August 2011 0744

    The thing is, we write the same way. We’re visual people, so our writing comes across visually….like a movie. That’s why we both get those comments lol 😉

  3. 18 August 2011 1013

    My wife will say she didn’t mind “Gone with the Wind” (What can I say, she likes the classics). And I did like LOTR movies.

    What annoys about movie adaptations are when they make changes that “alter” the original story (and not in a good way).

    Like in Harry Potter – Half Blood Prince when they did SEVERAL stupid lame (in my opinion) changes:
    1) The firefight at the Weasly’s home – WHY ?
    2) Not “Freezing” harry so he couldn’t have helped when Snape kills Dumbledore (I mean, Wouldn’t If you weren’t restrained, you have at least fought snape seeing what he was about to do) ? And seeing Harry being released from the spell as Dumbeldore dies ?
    3) NOT having the fight with the Death Eaters at Hogwarts.

    Or The Sci Fi channels “All Hat” adaptation of Dune ( it did have some “smart” changes and logical affects – like WHITE still suits vs. the Dino deLaurentis version of Dune with BLACK suits for a desert planet).

    And I’ll have to re-read Echo-47 to see if I can “imagine” who would play whom in a movie/mini-series.

    • 18 August 2011 1039

      You know, I often thought black stillsuits were a bit of a bad idea. Sure, they looked cool (sort of), but they’d bake the wearer in the daytime.

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