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The shotgun method.

8 August 2011

This weekend, my wife and I watched a few conspiracy documentaries. We’re both of the same mind on conspiracy theories — we don’t believe them, but we are fans of the creative stories (and, in a lot of cases, the museum-quality crazy) on display in a lot of these films.

One of the films we watched was a pretty lazy attempt at a movie, essentially cobbling together bits from the British TV show On The Edge and another conspiracy documentary on 9/11. In fact, the whole last half of the movie was just an episode of On The Edge on the moon landing. I think they just dropped the episode into the film wholesale.

Most conspiracy theories make me chuckle, but the guy featured in this one… oh, he was something else. Some of the “points” he made in his argument:

  • The only source of information for the moon landings is NASA (imagine that!)
  • Based on this camera I saw one time, the pictures were too clear
  • The Soviets knew we didn’t land on the moon, because they were working with us (to make them look like they lost the space race, apparently)
  • The shadows in a few of the pictures don’t look like I think they should
  • No one could go to the moon because there’s radiation there

The guy made other assertions, but I don’t want to ruin it for you — just know that there’s an elaborate story with a couple of nuclear bombs that shows a third-grade understanding of science that’s just hilarious. The film’s up on Netflix, and I’ll post a link later.

Look, I have no problem with anyone questioning the “official” version of things. But just making some shit up isn’t going to convince me that there might be a cover-up — it’ll just make me laugh.

Have any of you folks ever had your perceptions changed by a conspiracy theory? Which one? What was the evidence that made you want to take another look?

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  1. 8 August 2011 0832

    All I can say is 1 word – Mythbusters

    They did prove the movement of the people in suits, the flag (with the use of a vacuum chamber, as well as much of the other “errors”).

    • 8 August 2011 2041

      I’ll have to track down that episode. Not that I need convincing, of course, but it’s always fun to watch those guys.

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