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Take break! For break, pull cart with teeth!

3 August 2011

So, I have the sequel monkey off my back, at least for a bit. I currently have five projects stacked behind it — that’s a small number for me — that I really need to finish. But now, I have a plan.

I did a bit of scheduling last night, and if I work it correctly, I should be able to actually take a vacation on my vacation this year. It’ll be odd not to have to schedule writing time while I’m in Vegas, but I know I’ll probably cave and work on something.

Here’s a question — how much time do you give yourselves between projects? With me, obviously, that answer is “very little to none,” but I’m curious if more time between projects is helpful to any of you.

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  1. 3 August 2011 1328

    I almost always do some little bit of writing on vacation. Simply because–like you–it’s something I take seriously, but is still something I really enjoy.

    I’ve gone the longest I’ve gone while not starting the next big thing. I finished my last novel last summer, started submitting to some agents, and then got sidetracked podcasting my first novel. Then, since people asked, I polished it up and offered it as an ebook. Then I figured, “Why the hell NOT polish the novel I finished last summer before getting really serious about sending it to agents?” So I did that.

    While I shop that around, I plan to rewrite my second novel and offer it as an ebook. The rest of my year will be taken up with rewrites, plotting the next big thing, and doing something more with what I’ve previously done than just letting it sit.

    While rewrites, the podcast, and other things are big projects, they haven’t been new projects. I really look forward to 2012 and totally losing myself in something absolutely new!

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