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Listening to voices in my head

29 July 2011

Like most everyone, I work a day job. That means, for eight or more hours a day, I’m at a desk, plugged into a computer. It also means I need my iPod to keep from going mad-scientist-level insane.

A lot of the time, I listen to podcasts. Actually, as I’m tapping this into my phone, I’m listening to the Nerdist podcast from ComiCon last week. I’m also a big fan of a lot of the podcasts on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast network.

How about you, folks? Listen to any podcasts? I’m always digging new ones, so share your favorites!

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  1. Dan permalink
    30 July 2011 0633

    You listen to Nerdist? Cool.

    I listen to The Drunk Tank for laughs, and ‘Games, Dammit!’ for, well, gaming news. I’ve also started listening to the YoGPoD. All three are pretty good.

    • 1 August 2011 0927

      I adore Nerdist. I’m checking out The Drunk Tank today. ;(

      • 1 August 2011 0928

        That should be ;). Stupid Android.

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