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Time circuits on.

22 July 2011

1994 was a good year to be a kid interested in telling stories.

It was the year that I saw both “Clerks” and “Pulp Fiction.” Indie film was going pretty strong about that time, and even for a kid in Bellevue, Nebraska, it was accessible. When I saw “Clerks,” I had the same thought Kevin Smith had when he saw “Slacker” — “I can do this.”

Of course, I couldn’t. I was a 16-year-old kid with nothing interesting to say. But just that thought, the idea that it was possible for me to do what Smith and Tarantino had done, was enough to set me on a road close to the right one.

I say “close to” because there were missteps along the way. The less said about my career making independent crime films, the better. But still, I wrote each of the films I directed, and that was the important bit. That stuff got me writing, and though it’s in a different form now, I’m still doing it, and I still love it.

Oh, and when Kevin Smith read the ad for my book a couple of months back? That blew my mind. The guy who convinced me I could write to an audience, talking about some shit I did. Awesome.

So, folks — what/who got you started down your path? Were there pointless side trips on the way? Share!

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