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We Come In Peace

7 July 2011


Randomly, and for no reason, I started thinking about alien invasion today. Because, apparently, that’s what I do just after I wake up.

So, the conventional, scientific party line is that aliens would probably never reach our planet, due to the long distances they need to travel and the limitations of the Theory of Relativity. I always kind of chuckle at this line of thinking, because it just assumes our current understanding of the Universe and spacetime is totally correct… just like when 15th century scholars were sure they were correct about their understanding of a flat Earth.

So instead of assuming the party line is true, let’s assume it’s bullshit (for the sake of conversation), and that aliens can make it to this planet. Would we understand what they want? Would we just assume invasion, or would we try to communicate even while they’re stealing our stuff?

And why do they want our stuff, anyway?

This is why I think alien invasion fiction could be a very big thing in the next couple of years. It’s an area that is so open to interpretation, so open to imagination, that creative folks can just go nuts and create whatever story they want.

So, what’s your favorite alien invasion story? Please don’t make me slap you by saying Independence Day.

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  1. 8 July 2011 1517

    What makes you think they’re not here already and that our atmosphere affects their ability to behave intelligently? I give you the cast of Jersey Shore. ‘Cause they sure ain’t human. 😛
    As for fave alien invasion story, we’re gonna have to roll back the time machine a bit and go with The Arrival (but NOT the sequel). I thought it was well done and funny, but maybe it was just th paint fumes from rebuilding the theatre at that time….

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