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Hunting and Gathering

6 July 2011

So, I had a few hours today where my phone’s data connectivity was crawling. It was like trying to use the Internet in 1994, but more annoying, as I knew the data should be moving about 90 times faster.

At one point, I even got a little angry with how long it was taking my email to load (about 60 seconds per message).

Then I stopped and thought about that for a minute. Not too long ago (geologically speaking), humans spent most of their time foraging for plants that wouldn’t poison them and wrestling large animals so they could get a steak. Their concerns centered on not getting eaten, maybe not getting cracked in the skull with a rock.

And my biggest problem today was that Expedia took a minute to load.

We humans have advanced a long way, sure. We’re mostly out of the cave-dwelling phase, anyway. But our modern lives don’t really have that much common ground with our ancestors from even a couple of hundred years ago, so I’m not sure why thinking about cavemen put my Internet problem in perspective … but it did.

So, what was your major annoyance today? And would someone from 1811 even understand your problem on any level?

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