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That’s a white man with white problems. You deal with him.

28 June 2011

So, data has been slow on my phone all day. In addition, my air conditioning, while working fine, does not change the fact that it was 106° out today. I was going to complain about this stuff, but…

But then I realized that these aren’t problems. These aren’t even issues. They barely qualify as annoyances, in the grand scheme of things.

One if the challenges of writing is giving your characters interesting problems to overcome. And not just interesting ones — unique ones that no other writer has come up with. Then your characters have to come up with interesting solutions.

The “problems” part of that equation — the obstacles I put in characters’ paths — has always been tough for me. Because, let’s face it, reading about Sprint’s data suckage isn’t interesting.

So how do you come up with interesting problems? And what’s harder for you to write, the problem or the solution?

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