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Like the wall in a conspiracy theorist’s basement.

25 June 2011

I like to connect a lot of the stories I write, even tenuously. Sometimes, a character from one will pop up in another (or several). Sometimes, a company or a group will make a minor appearance in one story, only to be the focus of another. But if you look closely, there’s at least one connection from each story to another. Some are connected to all the others, and some only to one or two.

It’s like the title of this post says — you could put all of the stories, characters, companies, and groups up on the wall, then start running threads among them until you see how they match up. And when you do, you might find that there’s one missing link, one thing that should probably go in the center of your piece of madman’s outsider art.

I’ve often told the story of how I didn’t write for a great many years, or at least how I didn’t finish anything. Then, out of nowhere, I had a dream, and wrote a novel based on it. The central character of that novel is the missing link, the thing that ties everything else together.

And I doubt that novel will ever see the light of day.

So, any guesses on who that character is? And also, what’s your favorite group of interconnected (but not necessarily series-based) stories?

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  1. 25 June 2011 1302

    That character is Estaban Suarez Gutierrez. Columbian enforcer by day, DEA deep cover agent by night…….

  2. Nate permalink
    27 June 2011 0840

    Moe Syzlak

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