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Where the stars at night…

21 June 2011

Since moving to Texas, I’ve made an effort to spend quite a bit of time outside. It’s partially to make sure I acclimate to the heat properly (it’s been 100+ for the last couple of weeks, though it did rain a bit last night), and partially because I have a lot of stuff I didn’t have to do in an apartment. Mostly lawn-based stuff.

I lived in Texas for a few years when I was a kid, and it felt like living on another planet compared to the places I’d lived before (and since). And while I didn’t like Planet Texas too much at the time (it was killing my allergy-based asthma), my tastes have changed as I’ve gotten older.

Now we live in Dallas. Sometimes it seems like Texas, but most times, it’s not too much different than any other big city. I was a little disappointed until…

Well, we have trash pickup a couple of times a week. SOP is to put the bags out in the alley, and I do it late the night before so I don’t forget in the morning. And that’s when it feels most like Texas to me — standing at the back fence, looking up at the big, empty night sky, I feel like I’m on Planet Texas again. And you know what? I really dig it this time around.

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