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I believe it was a boating accident.

15 June 2011

So, I saw a horrible movie called No Escape recently. I guess it wasn’t too horrible, but there were a couple of things about it that really bothered me. In an early part of the film, Ray Liotta was running away from the generic bad guys when one of them shot him in the leg with what looked like a homemade crossbow. He simply tied a tourniquet above the leg and took off running again.

Now, they made a big deal of mentioning (when he got to the generic “good guys” camp) that they had no antibiotics, so any wound was serious… but then, nothing. Running through a dirty jungle after just getting shot in the leg did no damage to Ray Liotta’s leg. No infection, no nerve damage, nothing but a limp for the next couple of minutes in the movie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know someone has to get injured in an action movie. It gives the hero something to overcome. But a lot of the injuries I see are things that wouldn’t be easy to recover from even if it was a clean wound, to say nothing of the risk of infection.

There’s only one place I’ve seen it done right, which was the series 24. Jack Bauer shot someone below the knee to minimize the possibility of permanent damage. That’s about right, actually. Of course, everyone in every other movie gets shot in the thigh or the shoulder, which… well, it’d probably kill them in a couple of minutes without EMS nearby.

That bother anyone else but me? What’s the stupidest injury you’ve seen a fictional character shrug off?

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  1. 15 June 2011 1519

    I’m too lazy to track down the link but there was a really good post about how all these people getting knocked the F out in hollywood movies/tv and then waking up NOT groggy or brain-damaged was totally impossible. It’s severely dangerous anytime you have head-trauma which causes unconsciousness, etc.

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