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Yeah, I’d probably be that way, too.

14 June 2011

Obtaining the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-Ray has gotten me thinking about time travel. Not so much the physics or the science behind it, mind you, but time travel itself — what I might do if I could visit a point in my own past.

Again, ignoring the physics and science, I think one of the best time travel movies (in the sense of meeting oneself, not in the sense of… you know… actually being good) was Timecop.

Oh, yeah. I went there. I Jean-Claude-Van-Dammed your asses.

Like I said, it wasn’t necessarily a good movie in any way. But it did have something fantastic going for it — the characters’ reactions on meeting their past selves. Ron Silver pretty much despises and loathes who he used to be. If there wasn’t that silly “same matter can’t occupy the same space at the same time” rule, I think he would have kicked his own ass multiple times. Even the JCVD character would look at himself with a Jesus, what a fucking tool expression on his face.

I think if time travel within my own lifetime was possible, I’d pretty much have the same reaction to my younger self. And that’s why I’m nominating Timecop for best awful time-travel movie of the… oh, let’s say, week.

What’s your favorite?

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  1. 14 June 2011 1454

    Not a Time Travel movie per se….but Frequency 😉

    • 14 June 2011 2200

      That’s definitely time travel. It’s just not human travelers — it’s radio waves. Actually probably more realistic.

  2. Jen permalink
    14 June 2011 1756

    An Asian flick called “Second Time Around”. Its a romantic movie but pretty good.

    • 14 June 2011 2201

      I’ll have to track that one down. I love me a good time-travel film. 😉

  3. Nate permalink
    15 June 2011 0900

    Mia Sara was terribly attractive in that movie.

    I didn’t particularly like The Butterfly Effect at all, but I thought the concept of sending one’s consciousness back to a younger self was pretty good.

    • 15 June 2011 0951

      Again, not a great movie, but an excellent concept. At least it wasn’t as bad as the sequel.

      Yeah, I watched it. I still don’t know why.

  4. 15 June 2011 2056

    One of my favorites was Trancers . They time travel into one of their ancestors.

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