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The hardest workin’ man in Internetbusiness

8 June 2011

I kind of feel like I put in a lot of work sometimes. You know, like those nights when I stay up writing for 13 hours straight. But I have a friend who makes me feel like a slacker with the amount of creative stuff he gets done. That friend is Joe Peacock, and I’m just about to hit you with a fraction of the shit this man does.

First off, have you ever heard of Joe certainly has, seeing as how he designed that shit. That right there is a full-time job, but of course he didn’t stop there.

I wrote a book. Joe wrote a book, and then another book. Of course, he has another one coming out soon. But even that’s not everything.

Recently, Joe’s been touring the country with the Art of Akira exhibit, a fascinating and beautiful collection of original production artwork from 1987’s groundbreaking film Akira. I saw the exhibit when I came to the Dallas Comic Con, and if you get the chance, definitely go see it. It’s all sorts of awesome.

And if you should see a huge dude there with a full-sleeve Akira tattoo, walk over and say hi. That’s Joe, and in addition to being the hardest working guy on the Internet (I’ve left a whole bunch of stuff he does here out), he’s also a friendly giant.

Whenever I don’t feel like working, I just think of the amount of work Joe puts in on a day-to-day basis, and it inspires me to do more.

Who inspires you?

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