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Yarrrg! I am EVIL!

2 June 2011

Quick question for the day (I’m kicking along on revisions and a few other things), but who was the best villain you’ve seen in a story? It can be a movie, a book, what have you, but who was the best at being evil?

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  1. 2 June 2011 1607

    Hmmmm……tough one. Vader pre-Anakin f-up prequels for movie, along with Hopkins in ANYTHING. Book-wise…….Kat in Dragonlance Chronicles probably

  2. Nate permalink
    3 June 2011 0754

    Randall Flagg and Pennywise the clown freaked were pretty horrifying.

    I don’t know if a villain in a movie has creeped me out more than Damien Thorne. At least in the first two Omen movies. Sam Neill was OK in the third one.

    I was rooting for Palpatine by the end of the prequels, mainly because he was the only one who appeared to be competenent and because the heroes had become sanctimonious douchebags.

    • Nate permalink
      3 June 2011 0759

      I’m sure, btw, Palpatine could at least properly spell “competent” on the first go. Glurg.

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