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Start up the truck.

1 June 2011

I was doing some reading on conspiracy theories the other day (thanks for the time-suck, Wikipedia), and I came across the entry for The Philadelphia Experiment. I read through it, then remembered seeing the movie was on Netflix Watch Instantly. That night, I decided to give it a watch.

Well, it was definitely a low-budget 80s movie, and viewed through that lens, it was OK. The ending, though (SPOILERS [on a 27-year-old-film]), where the main character decides to live in “the future,” kind of got to me.

See, he’s a minimally trained Navy enlisted guy from 1943. The whole time he’s in 1984, he’s surprised and mystified by things like aluminum cans, TV, and automatic transmissions. It might be great and romantic from a story point of view to have him decide to go live in 1984 with Nancy Allen, but after the film closes, those two are going to have some problems, not the least of which is that the guy is going to be seen as a terminally unemployable moron. He won’t even be able to hold down a job behind the counter of a gas station, because the computerized register will confuse and frighten him.

Of course, all movies have their plot holes. It’s endemic to the format, I think, because you only have two hours or so to try and tell a complete story — you’re going to leave a few loose ends hanging around there.

So what are your favorite plot holes in films?

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  1. 1 June 2011 1650

    I actually love that film. You think IT had plot holes…..wait till you see the SEQUEL with Brad Johnson 😉

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