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Drive-by posting

26 May 2011

Well, due to computer problems (not mine, really), I’m getting a bit of a late start on the day. Therefore, quick post and question today.

I watched “From Dusk Till Dawn” last night while I was working, and I’d forgotten how much I liked that movie. It wasn’t great, or anything, but it was entertaining in the extreme, which is all a movie needs a lot of times.

So, the question for today — what’s your favorite cult horror film? And why?

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  1. Sir Geek permalink
    26 May 2011 1017

    Prince of Darkness is a great movie. VERY interesting plot and will freak you out in regards to mirrors.

    Another great “horror” movie is Evil Dead how can you not like a movie in it where Bruce Campbell cuts his own hand off and replaces it with a chain saw !

    • 27 May 2011 2211

      I love, love, LOVE Prince of Darkness. The mirrors never freaked me out, but the dream-transmissions sure as hell did.

  2. 26 May 2011 1504

    Dark Rising. It’s campy in the extreme, and yet……….

    It’s available on Netflix streaming 😉

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