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The sky looks angry.

25 May 2011

So, last night, I spent more time than usual in the bathroom. It wasn’t because I ate something I shouldn’t have, either — it was thanks to the tornado sirens that went off around 10:30. The Dallas Area got pounded with thunderstorms, baseball-sized hail, and at least a few tornadoes last night. We were very lucky — most of the really nasty stuff slipped just south of us, so the worst we got was a swampy front yard.

In between storms, though, I went outside to check out the sky, and it was kind of awesome. Lightning arced across the clouds as far as my field of vision, and the wind went from calm to sideways in about a second and a half. It got me thinking about Apocalypse movies (2012 was the one that sprung to mind, as I made the mistake of watching that one recently). And the special effects in that movie… well, they couldn’t compare to the real sky last night.

I’ve gone on record, though possibly not at this blog, as an anti-fan of CG effects. People always point out how far CGI has come, and how we can do all of this stuff in movies now that we couldn’t before… then they go and point to something stupid like Ang Lee’s Hulk as a good example of CG technology. When I point out that it still just looks really, really fake — in that case, Lou Ferrigno covered in green house paint is about a thousand times more believable — these people really don’t have much to say.

Am I wrong? Is there some really good CG out there I’m missing? What’s the best you’ve seen in a film? The worst?

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  1. 25 May 2011 1940

    not a film, per se, but the History Channel series “Dogfights” was really quite good in it’s usage when it first came out…..

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