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The boxes, children. The boxes.

24 May 2011

So, I’m still surrounded by boxes in the house. I’m getting a few broken down a day, but there are just so many of them. We have so much crap, and we didn’t de-crap before we moved this time (due to a bunch of reasons I’m sure I’ve covered in the blog before).

But boxes aside, I’m digging Texas. I can see why Mike Judge sets most of his films and TV shows here, as it’s kind of a fun state. It’s one of those places, like Louisiana or North Carolina, that has a personality all its own. That means it can be a fun place to set stories in, because it’s so different from everywhere else in the country.

Then there are the other places, those that really don’t have a distinct personality. Omaha, Nebraska is a totally fine place to live and work, but it doesn’t really have anything that gives it any real personality. It’s just kind of a generic city in the Midwest. Those can be fun places to set stories, too, though — especially if your characters are strangeoids. Fish out of water, and all.

So where’s your favorite place to set a story?

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  1. 24 May 2011 1544

    oh sure…..THIS time you like Texas, LMAO

    • 24 May 2011 1606

      This time I don’t have world-killing allergies.

      • 26 May 2011 1505

        true enough. And Dallas is a far cry from the ghettos of San Antonio, lmao

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