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The wrong kind of time travel

23 May 2011

So, the wife and I went to Dallas Comic-Con this weekend to see Joe Peacock’s awesome The Art of Akira exhibit (which, if it comes anywhere near you, you should go see). It was an awesome time, but when we were on the way out, we saw this vehicle parked near us in the parking garage (due to Con attendance, the parking garage was approximately 850 miles from the venue):

This was actually pretty awesome

This was actually pretty awesome

The wife and I had a chuckle about it, but this morning, it sparked a memory in my brain about what was probably one of the first sci-fi things I’d ever started writing. I was pretty young, so this was at some point in the 80s, but the plot revolved around the secession of Texas in the far-off 1990s and its invasion by huge demonic aliens, and the one guy who had to break into Texas from Arizona to fight them. From what I remember, it was totally awful, and not in that cool, Troma Video kind of way.

Of course, it’s often helpful to look back at the things you wrote, good or bad, and I do it all the time. And now I kinda want to find that awful story somewhere, just to see if it’s as bad as I remember it.

What about you, folks? Do you go back to stuff you wrote way back when? Do you usually get a laugh out of it, or have you actually found salvageable ideas there?

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  1. 23 May 2011 1713

    I think you wrote that in ’87 after we got to texas……it was around the time I wrote that crappy time travel piece about an A-10 pilot ending up at the Battle of the Alamo, lmao.

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