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The pants, they sure were baggy.

18 May 2011

So, in the current Tweet_Book, we follow a character around Los Angeles and Las Vegas (so far) in 1998. Someone mentioned to me that 1998 was an odd year to set a story in — it wasn’t a particularly special year, historically speaking, so why set a story then?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons. It was three years before 9/11, which means that American culture was completely different. A lot of the technology we use every day now (cell phones, the Internet, GPS) was definitely around then, just in a much crappier, proto-version. It’s kind of like Steampunk to me to see someone pull out a Nokia Brick from 1997 — they look that odd and old-fashioned. There are reasons it’s important to the story, as well, but I won’t go into those just yet (you know, spoilers, and all).

But one of the most compelling reasons for me to set a book in 1998: I just like 1998. It was the year I turned 20. Music was pretty decent. The country seemed more fun back then. Clinton was a much more amusing president than either of the guys who followed after.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything. I love what I do, I love my dogs and my wife, I love my new house in Texas. But if anyone invents time-travel tourism, 1998 is one of those places I’ll happily visit for a few hours.

After, of course, I answer the time-travel clerk’s question of “Why 1998?”

What about you, folks? If time-travel tourism came to be, but you could only travel within your own lifetime (think Quantum Leap without the unitard and steam), where and when would you visit?

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  1. 18 May 2011 0901

    Hmm. 1998 was the year I helped stage a walk-out in Highschool. It was moderately successful, got me 10 days out of school suspension for sitting in the principal’s office & not participating. The school postured in the newspapers that ‘Walking Out Won’t Change Anything’ but we got a few benefits out of it (like stall doors finally installed in the mens’ rooms).

    Best part: my suspension was up right before Easter. Good Friday would have been my first day back in school, so I basically got a month off school, actually got to make up most of the work (there were discrepancies in the way the policy was being applied, I drew attention to the fact that if you were in a sports program, you got to make up your schoolwork in the rare case you got suspended, but if you were a “troublemaker” then you failed every assignment and test while you were out).

  2. 19 May 2011 0427

    I’d have to go with the 1990-1992 timeframe, myself. Completely obvious reason, since you were there, LMAO

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