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Holiday in Cambodia

28 April 2011

While I was driving in to work this morning, SiriusXM Faction (most of the time, my favorite station there) decided to play some Dead Kennedys. Before I even heard which Dead Kennedys song it was going to be, I turned the volume all the way up. There’s not much that band has done that I don’t love, so turning the stereo to a volume a 32-year-old man really shouldn’t is pretty much a no-brainer there.

It’s the same with books (except books have no volume knob). When I hear a writer I really like, say, Neil Gaiman or Doug Coupland, has something new coming out, I’ll buy or pre-order it as soon as possible. Doesn’t matter what it is, really — the guy has never let me down, so I’ll buy his stuff on principle. When an author or other creative person sets a precedent of doing good work, I’ll be the first in line to give that person money.

It’s kind of similar with films, I suppose, but I’m kind of lazy in that department, and there are so many people who work together to make a film that any one of them might screw it up… I guess my recent ones are probably Christopher Nolan and, of course, Scorcese.

What about you, folks? Any writers, directors, musicians out there that inspire immediate-buy loyalty? Ever been burned by that loyalty?

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  1. 28 April 2011 0901

    Max Barry is one of my favorite authors. I subscribed to his ‘Machine Man’ email novel and you just reminded me that the full book of this page-a-day project is now available for preorder (he tweeted it). Syrup, Jennifer Government, Company, I celebrate his entire catalog. I even scored an “advance reader copy” of “Company” that’s got legalese on the cover that says “if we ask for this book back you have to return it” but I think that only applies to the person they sent it to originally.

  2. 28 April 2011 1654

    Bon Jovi, Mr Big, Jim Butcher, Andy McDermott, Peter David and nope, no burns yet!!!

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