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We are going to attempt time travel. We are computing our trajectory at this time.

26 April 2011

So, last night I was reading a Web site where a guy was examining the time travel problems in different movies (I don’t have the link on me, but I’ll update later when I track it down). The guy had done a lot of work on each film, pointing out the paradoxes and how they might have been resolved, and how many time travel trips actually needed to happen for the end result to work out the way it had in the film (more than one, almost always). It was a great site, and of course got me thinking about time travel.

Come on, you can’t have been surprised by that. It would have been odd if it got me thinking about burritos.

Anyhow, I always wanted to travel in time, ever since I was a little kid. Then it was to the future, of course, because that’s what little kids want to do. These days, were I to be able to travel through time, I’d always go to the past — sometimes the recent past, sometimes through history, and sometimes prehistory. I’d not want to change anything, though. In fact, I’d just be there to observe, to learn. I’d have to find some way to travel as an incorporeal being so that I could see and hear everything, but no one could see or hear me. Messing with the timelines could be scary. . . wouldn’t want to unmake the universe just because I felt the need to be there on the opening night of The Godfather or something.

If you could travel in time, when and where would you go? What would you see? If you went to do something, what would it be?

UPDATE: The Web site of which I spoke is here.

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  1. Bill M permalink
    26 April 2011 0741

    I’d go back to Outback last Friday & order the ribeye instead of the prime rib. Come’on, how do you make TOUGH rare prime rib?!?

  2. 28 April 2011 1657

    now I want a burrito. Damn you. lol.
    Past defi. Tuetonic Germany….80s-90s Germany….1940s-50s America…..and JUST be corporeal enough to use my digi camera 😉

  3. 1 June 2011 0314

    In my opinion, time is neither a constant nor a variable that you can manipulate with mathematical algorithms.

    If you went to the past, it would become the present for you, same for the future.
    Past and Future tenses are all a unit to which human beings try to comprehend the world.
    You cannot go to the past because there is nothing before the Present, you cannot go to the future because it has not happened yet.

    As humans we like to believe that there is a time line before us, but there isnt, there is only a history line.

    Its all a matter of human perception, not a scientific unit that you could add in an equasion.
    For example, If I were to explode the Sun, and got back to earth instantly… it would take you 8 minutes to realize the sun has exploded yet it already happened 8 minutes ago. Clearly its a matter of velocity and not a matter of time travel.

    Even Einstein believed that you can manipulate time, but what he really meant is you can manipulate the speed of light ”velocity” to a point where it seems like time has been altered but really its only a perception.

    Kinda like a computer can calculate 1000 fractions of a second and the human brain cannot!
    To a computer 1000ms could be an eternity in comparisson to our perception of it.

    • 1 June 2011 1002

      Very true, and well observed. Just try putting that into a movie, though. You’d confuse the hell out of most of your audience. 😉

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