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Quite the opposite of Friday’s awesomeness

25 April 2011

So, I did Friday’s blog on how much I dig Fridays. I know, I know — those kinds of deep philosophical issues are what keep y’all coming back every week. I’m now going to talk about Monday, which I don’t hate, but which I suspect hates me.

If something’s going to go wrong first thing in the morning, chances are it’ll pick Monday to do so. This morning I had to deal with some real-estate stuff for the upcoming move to Dallas (nothing major, but still, a minor delay in the morning). It’s been quite normal, actually, for Monday to start off late, and starting off late never really makes for the best day.

Also, I’m one of those people who can injure himself in his sleep. More than once, I’ve come into work with a limp or a bruise, possibly even a black eye. And while, of course, my co-workers assume I’ve been battling ninjas or rag-tag groups of supervillains, the answer is always much more simple: either myself or one of my dogs kicks my ass while I’m sleeping. (I don’t bother to correct the ninja-fighting assumption, however.) This morning, the left side of my neck and back have decided I only get to turn about four degrees to the left, so that’s nice.

And once I finally limp my injured, late ass into the office? I get to catch up on email. I have no idea why colleagues email me on the weekend more than they do throughout the week, but they sure seem to. Usually, I don’t get started actually working on work until lunchtime or so.

So, that’s why Monday has it out for me. Any similar Monday-sufferers out there?

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