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The Insidious Soliloquy of Coffeeheadface

21 April 2011

I’ll admit it — I’ve become overdependent on coffee. I need some first thing in the morning, and I keep pushing it throughout the day. No matter what time it is when I sit down to write — midnight, two in the morning, whatever — I’m always drinking coffee when I do it.

Thing is, when I was a kid, I’d drink any old coffee. I don’t even know what kind we used in our house growing up, I just drank it (with a ton of cream and half a cup of sugar, of course, because I was 15 and didn’t know what the hell I was doing). Nowadays, though…

Well, I’ll still drink anything if I have to. The coffee we have at work is better than the average bargain-basement swill most offices offer. I’d even drink the swill if I had no other option. But at home, I prefer to drink good coffee. Stuff that I grind myself just before making it, because the flavor is a lot bolder that way, the coffee a lot stronger. And I don’t load it down with cream or sugar anymore — maybe a half a teaspoon of sugar per huge cup to cut down on some of the bitterness slightly.

See? I just spent 200 words talking about coffee, and I could easily do another 200 (I’ll spare you that, though). What about you, friends? What’s your not-so-secret addiction?

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  1. 21 April 2011 0700

    Sweet Tea… I love my good, old-fashioned, Southern-style Sweet Tea! I can’t stand coffe (too bitter, and not even a dump-truck-load of cream and sugar can help that), but I am definitely addicted to tea. Hot, cold, lemon, no lemon, milk, no milk… I like my iced tea strong and dark and with a ton of sugar (no artificial sweetener crap for me, thanks)… As for my hot tea, give me some green tea any day, or if I’m really in the mood for a pick-me-up, some Irish Breakfast tea is my caffeine input of choice (it’s almost a mix of tea and coffee, lol)… πŸ™‚

    • 21 April 2011 0710

      I have a buddy who’s way into tea, as well. He tried to get me started on Irish Breakfast tea a while back — it was good, but it didn’t feel kick-you-in-the-face strong enough. πŸ˜‰

      I do enjoy a good tea, though, for when I’m winding down. I know there are some with more caffeine than coffee, I just haven’t found one to replace it yet.

  2. Sir Geek permalink
    21 April 2011 0711

    Could be like my company, They used to have coffee in each of our 5 “kitchen areas” but they consolidated them into one location in the cafeteria (the reason: To save money). So now, instead of taking me 2 minutes to get coffee, it is now 7 minutes each direction (not counting when I get stopped by someone to talk). So I have a 1.5 liter coffee pot so I can do 2 trips aday.

    I do iced coffee year round because we have ice makers in all our refrigerators . I’ve been doing this for years but people still look at me like I’m a sorcerer. “You’ve combined Ice and Coffee – I’ve NEVER thought of that !!!”

    • 21 April 2011 0714

      Yeah, I’m pretty lucky — about 60 seconds to walk to the nearest coffee station in my office. It takes about 5 minutes to make a pot if one isn’t ready when I get there, but I have a ginormous coffee mug (that replaced my fallen, beloved Babylon 5 mug), so one trip will keep me for, like, an hour.

      Iced coffee? WITCHCRAFT, I says!

      • Sir Geek permalink
        21 April 2011 0756

        Ah.. B5 a show oft maligned “Its a rip off of DS-9 . ” When people with a clue know its the other way around. I still miss that show (after 12 years off the air)

        Its sad that GOOD SciFi doesn’t get much of a break on TV today (espcially on the SyFy channel). If it isn’t wrestling, or babes, it generally won’t make it on TV.

        Shows like Eureka, The Warehouse or Sanctuary are exceptions to the rule.

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