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Champagne wishes and Nicotine dreams

20 April 2011

So, I’ve been quitting smoking for the last several days. It’s been mostly OK, except for my brain telling me it’s time to go have a cigarette every five minutes — that’s kind of distracting. But as far as the withdrawal goes, it’s been pretty light, probably because I’m using the patch.

Something interesting has come out of the patch, though — it’s seriously been messing with my dreams. I know it’s because my brain isn’t used to getting nicotine while I’m asleep, and it’s kind of freaking out because the drug is time-released and I put the patch on at midnight.

Normally, though, even when my dreams are weird, they make some sense. They follow a logical progression. Example: I’m on a team with Navy SEALS, and we have to go take down a building. Makes sense.

Last night: Film director Edgar Wright was trying to demonstrate for some sort of tabloid TV show a pair of Nikes that allowed him to walk up the side of a cliff. He couldn’t get them to work properly. That was it — that was the whole dream. I have no idea where I was during that dream. I don’t think I was in it at all.

So, what about you, folks? Do your dreams normally make sense? Do you, as I do, sometimes use them to inspire stories?

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  1. 20 April 2011 1046

    Mine tend to have a plot of some kind, but not necessarily a logical one. Last night, I dreamed that someone had ruined my wedding dress after I’d caught a burglar breaking in to my mom’s coworker’s apartment, so my best friend and I went to raid her closet to find something else I could wear. When we found a dress, it was wrinkled, so my friend decided to put it in the dryer. Upon opening the dryer, there was a giant white cat inside, which immediately bit my friend. That’s actually pretty tame for my head.

  2. 20 April 2011 1334

    I had this weird dream where I was taught how to fly via means of catapult the other night, which I blame on watching “Robin Hood Men In Tights” and reading “Looking for Group” e-comic. It’s interesting though, having to use a wheelchair for my mobility you’d think that it be in my dreams (well, there was that time where my wheelchair looked more like a scaled down version of a HUMVEE, and I was going through the native rain forest of the NZ south island’s West Coast), but ever since I increased my weights and endurance training at the gym I dream myself as walking, running and jumping…

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