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The (Im)perfect Storm

18 April 2011

So, as you might have seen on the news this weekend, a series of strong storms, hail, and tornadoes smacked head-on into the Raleigh area this weekend, where I happen to live. And all that happened to me that Saturday was the lights blinked off three times.

Going downtown yesterday for lunch, though, the wife and I found we had really been lucky. Roads were closed due to debris and damage. Power was out in several blocks, and several businesses were closed either due to the damage or the lack of electricity. Trees were split in half. The roads that were open were covered in branches and other crap the storm had tossed around. We ended up driving through parts of town we’d never been through before just to get back home, because those were the only roads open, though the power to a lot of the traffic lights along those roads was out.

Then, whilst driving home from an errand this morning, we found a road less than a half a mile away from our house that was closed due to a fallen tree.

Whenever someone asked me about this weekend (and I got a lot of texts and calls), I said we were fine. At the time, I didn’t understand just how lucky we’d been — even a half a mile away, huge-ass trees were making their way earthward.

So no real question for today — just a reminder to realize how lucky we all are every day we wake up. Yeah, that sounded all hippie and life-affirming. I’ll be back to my regular brand of swearing and referencing canceled TV shows tomorrow.

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