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15 April 2011

So, in regards to my post on Monday (which I also posted at the Contact — Infinite Futures blog), someone suggested the 1959 novel Alas, Babylon. I was unable to find an eBook edition of that one, and as we’re moving soon, it didn’t make much sense to add another book to the library right before we have to pack everything.

What I ended up doing was getting the Audible version, as read by actor Will Patton (you may remember him from such films as The Punisher, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Fled). I was having a bout of insomnia last night, and made it about five hours into the story.

Holy shit, you guys. It’s such a great book, and Patton does such a great job reading it. I don’t go pimp stuff often on this blog, and it’s not like the author will get any money off this (as he’s been dead since 1964), but go pick this up right now. Though it’s set in 1959, it stops feeling dated around the time everything goes pear-shaped. I kind of can’t wait for work to be done today so I can go listen to the rest.

What good stuff have you read (or, I guess, listened to) lately?

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