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7 April 2011

I refuse to buy a Blu-Ray player, and it’s not because I’m cheap (though I kinda am) or I don’t think the technology is cool (though I kinda do). Nope, the main reason I don’t want to buy one is because it requires physical media, and I truly think that’s on the way out for the most part.

I think companies that embrace digital, be it books, music, movies, whatever, are going to be in a really good position in a couple of years here. Or, at least they will if they want me and people like me to give them money.

I would say I don’t remember the last time I bought a CD, but I totally do. It was at Christmas two years ago, when I had an unexpected haul of Best Buy gift certificates. Years ago, that would have made me giddy with purchase-power joy, but that Christmas? I just kind of wandered around the store looking at a bunch of stuff I didn’t need, finally settling on a few old-school punk CDs (which I immediately ripped to iTunes when I got home) and, I think, a BlackBerry case for my wife. When I want music, I just go to AmazonMP3 (or, failing that, iTunes). It’s cheaper, and it’s already in the format I actually use. No ripping required — pop it on the iPod and I’m good to go.

I’m getting that way with movies, too. If I want to watch something, it’s usually Netflix Watch Instantly. That goes for TV shows and movies, because I get to watch them on my schedule, at my convenience, not when networks decide I should watch them. And books? If I want a book, I just go get one of the digital copies (if the publisher doesn’t have its head up its ass, price-wise) and start reading it seconds later.

So with those kinds of instant, on-demand options, I don’t see the need for Blu-Ray. Sure, you can lecture me all you want about picture and audio quality, but the truth is, I don’t care. Not enough to get out there and pay $25 or whatever for it. I’ll just wait until it pops up on Netflix.

What about you, folks? Are you more into digital than physical media these days, or am I just one of those strange, outlying personalities?

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  1. Sir Geek permalink
    7 April 2011 0924

    I can understand that sentiment but I refused to give up ownership of “something”. The media companies WANT you to go digital only because then they can say “Oh, You watched it once. You need to buy it again. We’ll give you a deal, Only 90% of the original price).

    Tell the parent that for their child that watches “Finding Nemo” 5 times a day, 6 days a week that they’re going to have to sell their house to pay for the download fees. Is this absurd ? Perhaps, but that does seem to be what they want from you.

    Also, Can you sell the digital dowloaded movie you’ve bought ? Nope. Not with the DRM that they install on it. Can you loan it to a friend ? “maybe” ?

    This “digital only” mindset will cause issues for people in the near future. Remember the debacle from Amazon with Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 books being sold then “quietly” removed from everyone’s Kindle (without anyone knowing they could do it either).

    They are pushing for the same inability to resell “ebooks”. I have a few ebooks on my kindle (that I won from you 🙂 ) but my wife will NEVER be an ebook only reader. She likes the feel of a book, its heft, etc. And if she wanted to sell books she could, but an ebook ? Nope, You can’t.

    • 7 April 2011 0931

      There are some extremely good points there. For me, though, the only thing I’d be upset about is snatching back books or music. Movies I’ll mostly watch once, though some get a few viewings. For now, at least, the way it’s set up works quite well for me. If they go down the path you suggest, I’ll be singing a different (and angry) tune soon after.

  2. 7 April 2011 1106

    I do agree with Sir Geek here, and the ownership thing would be a big problem especially for video games. Frequent gamers (not exactly me) buy and sell games constantly, and that’s one of the several reasons why the exclusively-digital PSP Go failed. Otherwise, we still have to wait for more “full” content to pour in the gaming front, not just demos, add-ons, and small games.

    I’m all for the digital content “push,” but not completely up for digital content itself right now. Need to wait until most problems are solved about it.

    • 7 April 2011 1202

      It has a way to go, sure. But as far as TV/movies go, I’ll kind of watch anything, so I was able to ditch cable in favor of streaming stuff like Netflix.

  3. 7 April 2011 1435

    I just realised that I can watch my fave shows online…. *grins*

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