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You there, stand aside! We’re British, don’t you know.

30 March 2011

So, during the time my ear was trying to stage a coup and take over the rest of my head, I had some time to relax and watch some DVDs (thanks to the Internet being down at my house). I decided to re-watch the Long Way Round collector’s edition DVDs my wife got me for Christmas (or possibly my birthday) some years back. The set has not only the Long Way Round and Long Way Down series, but also Charley Boorman’s Race to Dakar.

One of the characters in 47 Echo, Bryce, has actually done the Dakar Rally featured in that third show more than once, driving one of the big T5 support trucks. As I was re-watching the series, though, something struck me — Bryce is probably more than a little bit insane.

The Dakar Rally (also called the Paris-Dakar), for those who aren’t aware, is a 9000-km trek on motorcycles, in cars, and in trucks from a spot in Europe (Lisbon this time) to Dakar, Senegal over a period of 16 days. It’s got less than a 40 percent finish rate, and it’s not uncommon for deaths to happen during the rally. It’s one of those things that’s terribly dangerous and expensive, and even if I had unlimited funds, probably not something I’d do. But I think it says something about who Bryce is, and why he’s so calm under fire.

It’s also an example of something unrelated to the storyline I had in my head shaping a character as I was writing him. It’s fun to look back on some of those influences now that the book has been out of my hands a while (I think I finished edits on the first book back in October) and see how my impressions have changed.

So what fun, wacky things have you used as inspirations for your characters, your storylines? What interesting backstories have you only hinted at, but realize you could make an entire novel or two out of them?

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