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Please, Marge. According to your resume, you invented this machine.

25 March 2011

So, yesterday, the Rob Granito story pulled me in. If you’re too busy/lazy to click the link, I’ll Cliff’s-Notes it for you: guy claimed to be working in the comic book industry as an artist, claimed a whole bunch of credits he didn’t have, then showed up at conventions and sold “his” artwork (which turned out to be copies of other people’s artwork).

This is plagiarism, plain and simple, and I (like most writers, artists, photographers, whatever) can’t stand plagiarism. I understand wanting to be something you’re not, or at least not yet. I understand wanting to be seen as a writer or an artist so bad that you call yourself one. But the minute you claim someone else’s work as your own, you’ll never be a writer or an artist. You’ll just be a thief, and that’s not what you want to be.

Instead of making up credits, work on your art. Write some stories and put them out there. If people tell you the art/words you’re putting out suck, then make them better. There are no shortcuts — you just have to keep working at it until you get good enough to actually have those credits to your name.

And if you’re already a writer or an artist of some sort, keep an eye on your intellectual property. When someone else profits off the work you’ve done, it’s not only theft, but it cheapens your original work in many ways.

What’re your thoughts here, folks? Ever had a brush with someone stealing your work? Share in the comments.

Update: Would you like to know more? My pal Joe Peacock knows way more — unfortunately, firsthand. Read his outstanding post over at his blog today to get the full story.

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  1. Trace permalink
    25 March 2011 1031

    That’s so weak. I hope people sue the shit out of this guy.

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