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My day job isn’t that cool.

23 March 2011

If you stalk me on Goodreads (and, really, why wouldn’t you?) you probably noticed I recently read Eric Haney’s Inside Delta Force and ranked it pretty highly. The reason should probably be fairly obvious, considering what novel I’m currently known for.

There was one passage in the book, however, where recent Delta graduates were called into the lobby of a hotel where they were staying in Washington D.C., given a folder with instructions and $1000 cash, and told that the FBI would start looking for them in three hours.

I ask you, has anything that cool ever happened at your job? The same people who ultimately sign Delta’s paychecks also sign mine, but that never happens. Hell, I don’t even get a folder with instructions. I more often than not get a politely worded email.

That got me thinking — what’s your dream job? If money, time, spacetime, and probability were all suspended for a moment, what would you do for a living?

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