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Living as a writer

22 February 2011

Writers are an odd bunch of people, which I’m sure you know if you are one or know one well. We might seem spaced out a lot of the time, or we might start sentences and never actually finish them. Really, most of us appear to be escaped mental patients, albeit ones that the hospital isn’t too worried about tracking down as we pose no danger to anyone.

There’s a reason for our flighty, borderline-crazy behavior, though. And that’s because most of us writers see stories — or story ideas — pretty much everywhere we go. Different types of writers see different types of stories, but in that minute where we trail off in the middle of a word and start staring at something random in a creepy way… Yep. That’s what we’re doing. We’re seeing a story in our heads.

The inside of my own head is like a movie — I’d like to say an Akira Kurosawa film, or even a Ridley Scott film, but let’s be honest: it’s probably very much like a Michael Bay film.

What’s your internal film look like? Who’s directing the stories inside your head?

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  1. 22 February 2011 0840

    I’d like to say it’s directed by GDT, but it’s really more like episodes of Black Books or the Mighty Boosh, where reality is going along its merry way, and suddenly there’s a bar, complete with bartender under the dinner table, or a robot traipses all over the flower bed.

  2. 23 February 2011 1641

    add photographer to that list and it’s amazing i don’t have padded walls…..wait…what?

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