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Indie rock. . . meh. Indie writing, though. . .

21 February 2011

A while back on this blog, you might remember I talked a bit about Cody James, who wrote Babylon and The Dead Beat. I was poking around on the Interwebs last night (like you do) and ended up re-reading her short “American Monster” over at her site.

It got me thinking how many great writers there are out there who are unpublished, self-published, or published by smaller presses. With the onset of digital publishing and more and more ereaders being sold all over the place, these people are finally getting a chance to get their work out in front of an audience, and I think that’s absolutely awesome.

So the question for the day: Who is your favorite unpubbed, self-pubbed, or indie-pubbed writer out there? Mine is obvious, but I’m interested to hear yours.

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