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Putting things in perspective

14 February 2011

So, I had a thought while I was on the way home from the ER yesterday. I’d gone in with sudden heart weirdness, and I was a bit freaked out when I arrived. I’m obviously back in the world typing this, though, so it couldn’t have been too serious.

No, my thought after an IV and some nitroglycerin was this: while that heart issue was the most important thing in the world to me at that moment, for a lot of people, it was just their day job.

Not that anyone wasn’t kind or professional, far from it. But from the nurse in Triage to the physician who dropped by to check on me, I was just another task on these people’s to-do list. And it made me think about perspectives — how I can see something as vitally important, and it might not even register to someone else.

What’s the point of all of this? I don’t know. I’m sure it’ll help inform my writing, or something, but like I said: Just a thought I had.

Edit to add: I don’t mean to say anyone was aloof or uncaring. My ER doc actually called me back to see how I was feeling shortly after this posted yesterday — I found it to be one of the best ER experiences I’ve had, and I was very impressed with the care I got. Again, just something I thought of.

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  1. 22 February 2011 0847

    1. I’ve been bad about following blogs/Facebook/Twitter as much lately, and I hope you’re all sorted out and healthy again!

    2. Fraser and I just had a conversation about this very thing yesterday, when going through the list of all the paperwork and such he’ll have to take with him to his interview at the embassy in London. Every piece of paper is SO crucial to us and we’re SO determined to get every i dotted and t crossed just right, even though the folks in that office probably won’t care or notice much. It may be our life and future on the line, but to them, it’s just a paper-pushing office job.

    • 22 February 2011 0850

      I’m five by five. I’m very hard to destroy. 🙂

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