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That’s not a gun, that’s your finger.

9 February 2011

My awesome friend Cody James made this, and though the guy narrating it sounds like he has a cold (I can make fun of him because he’s me), her words and images made my line-reading work, y’all.

On Facebook last night, Cody (who wrote Babylon and The Dead Beat, both of which are fantastic) brought up the concept of creating for yourself, not for everyone else. It’s an idea I’ve championed for a while, but there’s a good reminder there. You have to be true to your own ideas and art first and foremost, and you have to know if you’re a) willing to change it to broaden its appeal, or b) you’re happy with it as it is.

That second part is the tricky one. How do you know when something is done? When you’ve done what you wanted to do with it? I can’t offer any answers there, but perhaps some of you can.

And also, go check out Cody’s stuff. She’s all sorts of great.

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  1. Trace permalink
    9 February 2011 0932

    This video reminds me very much of Fort Sam Houston.

    • 9 February 2011 0935

      /nods head

      Probably should. I had some work done on my knee at Fort Sam Houston.

      • Trace permalink
        9 February 2011 0948

        Oh, word? I did my 68w there in the mid 90s. When were you there?

      • 9 February 2011 0950

        The knee thing was in 1989, but I was a regular (probably weekly) visitor to BAMC from mid-1987 to late-1989. I wasn’t exactly the healthiest kid.

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