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OK, I’m pretty sure some of that is made up.

8 February 2011

So, I’m in pre-edits on 47 Echo 2: Nuclear Boogaloo (not the actual title, though it is growing on me lately), and unsurprisingly, there’s a fair amount of Chinese language in it. I know, shocking! Next they’ll be putting German in WWII films!

As I went through the story, I realized that in several places, I used Cantonese where I should have used Standard Chinese (Mandarin). This made me also realize that my Mandarin is pretty rusty. It was never great in the first place, but disuse has really made it kind of awful. So I’m relearning Mandarin bit by bit as I go through the edits, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make my head hurt just a bit.

Still, we writers (and I’d assume most creative people) are a stubborn bunch, and once we’ve got it in our head that something will help our current project, there’s no talking us out of doing it, no matter how much time it takes up or how much Battlestar Galactica we have to watch to make it happen. Yes, that second part was slipped in there to explain my Netflix queue of late. If the government can do it, so can I.

So, creative folks, what’s the craziest endeavor you’ve embarked upon to help your art? Learning Chinese? Climbing a mountain for a plant to crush into just the right type of ink?

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  1. 11 February 2011 2038

    took flying lessons, learned Russian, and went on an exercise with an Army unit (Bivouac) while working on the first novel.

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