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Crackheaaaaad Smackdowwwwwwnnnnnn!

7 February 2011

That’s right, folks! Another contest, a couple of cool prizes, and a contest to see who reigns supreme in the kingdom of crackishness!

From the Official Page:

We pit the deadliest pipeheads in battle. You win.

During a recent conversation between Shirin Dubbin and Shawn Kupfer, the topic turned, naturally, to the world’s greatest crackhead (as we assume it does in most people’s discussions). Comic book fans have a strange proclivity for impossible character match-ups, and when fanboys are also writers, things get weirder…

Thus we, Shawn and Shirin, argued over who is the supreme crackhead—Pookie from New Jack City or Gator from Jungle Fever

After several rounds of “my basehead is ashier than yours” we decided to take the battle to the streets, um, internet(s) and when two authors battle our readers win. We give you Gator vs. Pookie in a cracked out smack down to the death. YOU DECIDE!

(Yes, we know they’re already dead. That never stopped George A. Romero. Do you wanna win cool stuff or not?).

Two randomly chosen voters will win copies of 47 ECHO by Shawn and Dreams’ Dark Kiss by Shirin. The grand prize will go to the commenter with our pick of best finishing move i.e. Pookie tosses a cop at Gator and eviscerates his opponent with a blazing crack pipe. The grand prize winner will receive their choice of two of the following DVDs: season one of Spartacus – Blood and Sand, Blade Runner, New Jack City, Jungle Fever

The contest begins now and will run until midnight eastern standard time on Wednesday, February 9th 2011.

Vote on Twitter via the hashtag #crackheadsmackdown with the name of your champion, or here If you’d like to be eligible for the grand prize don’t forget to include your version of the battle-ending move.

Let the Crackhead Smackdown begin. FINISH THEM!

And here’s the tale of the tape!

Go and vote now, either at the Facebook page, in the poll below, or on Twitter with the #crackheadsmackdown hashtag! Good luck!

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