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A frank and honest discussion about things that haven’t happened

27 January 2011

So, yesterday I did an interview with Mike and Mike for The Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I’ll of course link the interview here when it posts over there (my guess is Monday).

I had a thought while we were talking, and it was about sci-fi (which is shocking, I know). It’s very easy to point out were some popular sci-fi got its prognostications wrong: New York City is not a prison colony that Kurt Russel is trying to get out of, and we didn’t detonate Jupiter into a second sun last year. But what got cranking in my head yesterday isn’t what’s been proven wrong. . . but what’s been proven right, or already beaten by modern technology?

Example: It’s easy to bash the sets of the 60s Star Trek series. The Enterprise bridge looks about as high-tech as a school bus by today’s standards. And communicators and tricorders are kind of huge next to their present-day equivalents.

So, what’ve you got, folks? What sci-fi got its predictions right, close to right, or underpredicted?

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