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176 Days

25 January 2011

Which means there’s only 24 days left on the current Twitter Novel Project. It’s been, like all of the others, an experiment. A first draft loosed on the world as soon as it comes out of my head, entered from my brain into Twitter with only a short stop-off at my fingers.

There are a lot of things I like about this project. It forces me to write every night, which is great. It forces me to take a long-game approach to a story I probably would have dashed out in three months before (or less). It’s fun writing in multiple first-person narratives.

But the haul, folks. The haul. These characters lurking over my head nightly, wondering why I keep putting them through more and more horrible crap every day when all they really want to do is eat Toaster Struedel and watch Stargate.

So I’ll be glad to finish it, if for no other reason than conventional Twitter Novel Project logic dictates I’ll take a month off between projects. It might even be slightly longer this time, as this project will have taken somewhere around seven months to a normal novel’s three or four.

What about you, folks? What are you looking forward to? What’s the most challenging project you’ve put yourself on lately?

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  1. 25 January 2011 0739

    Might sound weird, but I’m so looking forward to getting a normal day job again, so the writing can be fun again. As it is, writing so much drivel that I may or may not end up getting paid for is just killing any urge to write that I have.

    • 25 January 2011 0808

      Not that strange. I find it helpful to have a day job, too. Gives me structure. 🙂

      And good luck on the job search!

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