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I hear that, Renegade.

19 January 2011

So, the book released on Monday. I’ll also be babbling a bunch over at the Carina press blog and Twitter today, so you’ll probably get overdosed on heaping helpings of Shawn today.

But quickly — I wanted to let y’all know that the 47 Echo audiobook has gone up! I listened to about two hours of it last night, and I was impressed as all hell with the guy reading it. But what do you expect — he’s a Bajoran, or, conversely, one of the Security Officers who fought off the Borg invasion of the Enterprise. See?

Anywho, go check out the Audiobook over at Audible. The sample is worth the listen, as is the entire book (in my opinion). It’ll also be the focus of a new contest coming soon.

Thanks again to all of you who showed up at the book release party Monday night, and to each of you who have checked out and bought the book!

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  1. 19 January 2011 0650

    Sweet! I’ll be passing it on to my fellow audiobook-loving people!


  1. Got about five more pallets over here, Greg. | 47 Echo

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