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Launch all Vipers.

17 January 2011

Today is the day, folks! 47 Echo is now available pretty much all over the place!

Some links:

Carina Press Store



Sony Reader Store


That doesn’t mean this blog is done, though. Not by a long shot. Stay tuned in the days and months to come — I’m not that easy to get rid of. I’ll still be posting pretty much daily, as well as doing further contests and giveaways in the future.

Also, come by the release party tonight if you’re in the area! We’d love to see you!

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  1. 17 January 2011 0728

    Hooray! Someone have an extra beer for me. Enjoy the party and the coolness of the reason for the party!

  2. Maureen permalink
    17 January 2011 1601

    Congrats on your big day! Hope it does well 🙂 I follow you on twitter as @msmorev

  3. Bill M permalink
    18 January 2011 1253

    Thanks for the beers, wings, & great time! Loving the book so far (in a purely heterosexual way).

    • 18 January 2011 2005

      Thanks for coming out! The Montreal Canadiens were happy whenever I went out to smoke, so we’ll call that a win!

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