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If your nose is actually in a book, you might need glasses. Or a smaller nose.

14 January 2011

Short one today: 2011 is upon us, or so I’ve been told. Some scientists theorize it might have been here for two weeks, but that research is unsubstantiated, as near as I’m aware.

So, what stories are you looking forward to this year? Books, film, TV — they all count, to me. Share!

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  1. 14 January 2011 0749

    For film, I’m looking forward to ‘The Tree of Life’. Not much info has been given out about it, so it might be interesting.

    • 14 January 2011 0925

      I’m cautiously optimistic on that one. Terence Malick has burned me before.

  2. Nate permalink
    14 January 2011 0829

    I’m interested in seeing how the Thor film turns out. I’m also looking forward to the final Wheel Of Time installation, although I don’t think that book will be released until November. As for television, I’m looking forward to Justified, Sons Of Anarchy, and the final season of Rescue Me. Rescue Me kind of sucked last season, but I’ve been watching since the beginning and I feel like I need to see it through to the end.

  3. 14 January 2011 1711

    Butcher’s “Ghost Story” is one I am anxiously awaiting……

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