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One Week

10 January 2011

As of right now, 47 Echo will be available for download on any of your cool, awesome wireless devices (and your wired ones too, I suppose) one week from today. It’s been a long road to get here, but I won’t be the guy who says it’s a road that started back when I was a kid. I mean, it did, but I’m going to attempt to stay on topic here.

The first line of 47 Echo hit the screen in June of 2009. As I wrote the first chapter, I really had no idea where the story was going to go. As with all of the Twitter Novel Project stuff, I was just writing it off the top of my head as I went, putting that first draft out there in the hopes it would turn into something worth reading.

Before I even started writing that one, though, I had a thought — wouldn’t it be fun if I had other writers come in and write supplemental short stories? Kind of like the Animatrix was to the Matrix series? And wouldn’t it be even more fun if they wrote them while I was still putting together the first draft, and if they forced me to think on my feet as I incorporated their ideas into the world I was writing?

Turns out, that was a great idea. The guest writers, Lisa Kupfer, Nate Hoppe, Heather Harris, Brian Kupfer, and Trace Eber did a great job with their stuff, providing nice left-turns and curveballs for me to write around.

And then, in October of that year, with an explosion in the countryside, the book was done. I could move onto the next thing. . .

Only I couldn’t. The characters and the war I had created for them to fight stuck in my head, so much so that I put together another short story collection, then started working on the sequel. Said sequel, Supercritical, finished up last night. I’m putting it aside for a week or so before I give it an edit, which is kind of funny. . . because I’ll get back to it on the day its predecessor is released.

No real question today, just a huge thank you to all of you for dropping by, chatting about my silly words, and supporting the process so far. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. Trace permalink
    10 January 2011 0858

    Happy to assist, sir.

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