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War on Klendathu.

6 January 2011

Science fiction and war stories tend to go together a lot. I do it with 47 Echo, but I’m in no way the first. It’s one of sci-fi’s great strengths that writers can use it to point out something about the world today, whether subtly or by just throwing it right in your face.

That said, I think most sci-fi writers who write in a military-type genre are students of military history, and war stories in general. I know I’ve done my share of research (that might be able to snag me a Master’s in military history somewhere), but there’s a lot of accessible war stuff out there, both fictional accounts of real events (HBO’s Band of Brothers, for instance), and true-story variety (anything on the Military Channel, but Shootout is a good example).

I know some of you (Trace and Brian, specifically) have seen a lot of the same stuff I have. But what are your favorites? Are they completely fictional, based on a true story, or documentary-style? Surprise me with something I haven’t seen yet!

(One of my favorites, by the way, is Black Hawk Down; the book is, of course, better, but the film is a damn good watch too.)

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