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Why so serious?

5 January 2011

Oh, the Snooki book. Man, did I hear a lot on Twitter about the Snooki book yesterday. (I know it’s called A Shore Thing, but “Snooki book” is more fun to say.)

A lot of the writing types I followed were outraged that a major publisher would put out a “novel” “by” this reality “star.” I can understand their frustration, especially as a lot of them are working towards that dream of being published by a major house. I just don’t share their frustration.

Sure, it’s just coming out because she’s the flavor of the week. And sure, it’ll probably be terrible, and possibly be an affront to the novel as a work. And to that I say: meh. Who really gives a shit? The book will either sell or it won’t. Life will go on as it always has.

I guess I’m just not bothered by the fact that it’s easier for a reality “star” to “write” a book and get it published. That person already has a brand, already has a customer base. Publishing needs to make money, and if they think they can do it that way, well. . . there you go. Besides, I’ve heard that girl talk. There’s no way she actually wrote word one of it, so it might not be that terrible after all.

Just keep in mind, writer friends, that the people who are going to go out there and rabidly plonk down cash for the Snooki book aren’t going to affect your chances of getting that publishing deal one way or the other. Just write the best stuff you can and keep putting it out there — wasting time hating someone else for getting their work published is just counterproductive.

And if you’re already published, think about your audience for a second. Is the Snooki book really going to take sales away from your work? Do you see much audience crossover there? Yeah, probably not.

Breathe, folks. We’ll all be fine.

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  1. 5 January 2011 1536

    yeah, but can most of her “fanbase” READ???


    • Trace permalink
      5 January 2011 2047

      I had to google to find out who the fuck she was, so I’m in no danger of buying it. Safer just to ignore her until she goes away.

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