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T-minus 14.

3 January 2011

That’s right, folks. Two weeks until 47 Echo comes out. I’m getting all sorts of insane now.

Oh, and also, there was this little holiday called New Year’s this weekend, or so they tell me. I spent the time working. Still, though, when I noticed the clock on my cell phone change from 2010 to 2011, it struck me just how far in the future we are.

Let me explain. I was born in 1978, which means most of my childhood fell squarely in the 80s. The first movie I ever saw at home was 2010: The Year We Make Contact, which my dad rented on BetaMax (along with the BetaMax player) from the local Base Exchange. I would go on to see plenty of sci-fi after that, but we’ll stick with that movie for the time being.

In 1984, when that movie was made, 2010 no doubt seemed like a long way away. Arthur C. Clarke had envisioned that we’d explored the solar system already, and were sending out a combined U.S./Soviet expedition to the moons of Jupiter.

Now, in the real 2011, there is no Soviet Union. We’ve gone no further than the moon, where we went in 1969. I can’t help but wonder if Sir Clarke was a bit disappointed in us. After all, he made it all the way until 2008, long enough to see that our space exploration program was not anywhere close to where he’d hoped.

What’s the first sci-fi you remember seeing? Have we reached the point in the future in which it was set yet? What’s different? What’s surprisingly accurate?

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  1. 3 January 2011 1558

    do you remember going to see ROTJ on base in Omaha with what is now the 501st in costume with dad and I back in 83?

    • 3 January 2011 1957

      I vaguely remember seeing it in the theater for the first time. I remember seeing Vader walk off the shuttle, but that’s my entire memory of the first time I saw it.

      • 4 January 2011 0404

        lol. Sounds like memory of seeing the original “Star Wars” (They hadn’t tacked on the hokey A New Hope part yet) back in 77. I remember ships shooting at each other in space. Not even which ships, lol

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