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This show is brilliant! Let’s cancel it!

27 December 2010

Sci-fi has a tough road on TV, especially on network. So many shows with sci-fi elements don’t even make it through a full season, no matter how much promise they show. Why is that?

My guess is that sci-fi takes a while to build an audience, and networks have a really tough time selling that. They live and die by their advertisers, and very few advertisers want to buy time when there’s a chance their message won’t be seen until sometime around season two. It’s sad, but it’s the way networks operate.

There are probably other factors, too, like inadequate or misleading promotion. I can tell you from experience that it’s tough to get the attention of the right audience.

So, two questions today: what’s your favorite sci-fi-type show that never even made it a full season? And how can we fix the sci-fi cancellation problem?

(Mine’s probably Firefly, by the way, but there are a lot of ’em I loved.)

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  1. 27 December 2010 0507

    Firefly’s the obvious choice, but there’s also Earth 2, which was canceled before it even got on its feet.

    • 27 December 2010 0509

      Good choice. Just started rewatching that one on Netflix.

  2. BillM permalink
    27 December 2010 0538

    Definitely ‘Firefly’, but there’s also ‘Brisco County Jr.’ (did that make it to a full season?) & ‘Above & Beyond’.

    • 27 December 2010 1611

      I think Brisco County might have made it almost a full season. “Space: Above And Beyond” made it one season, but only that.

      As we’re speaking about X-Files alumni projects (S:AAB), anyone remember “Harsh Realm?” I thought that one had potential, but it got cancelled pretty quickly.

  3. 28 December 2010 1806

    briscoe was 2 seasons (27 eps)….. Dresden Files is in there……Space above and beyond was good……the ORIG “V” (Not mini series) was far too short.

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