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Zorak, take us to the bridge!

20 December 2010

While talking with another writer on Twitter last night, an interesting discussion came up. She was having a problem getting to a scene she really wanted to write — she knew what came next in the narrative, she was just having a hard time writing the bridge to get her characters to the next scene.

I don’t know if this is a common problem among writers, but I assume it is. I know I’ve been in a similar situation, where I know the next big, plot-moving event that’s going to happen, but I just have no idea how to get there. It is, to say the least, annoying.

There are two ways to handle it in my estimation. One is to just power through — write something to get your characters to where they need to be, even if it isn’t great. You can always go back and fix it in a later draft. This one’s good because it keeps you in the continuity of the story.

The other is to write the big, plot-altering scene now, out of sequence, and jigsaw everything back together later. This one can be helpful, too, because after you write the big scene, you might get some insight as to how the characters got into whatever mess you just pulled them out of.

I tend to do the first — power through and fix it later. No idea why I do it that way, but it’s how I roll.

So, which do you use? Or do you go about it another way?

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  1. Trace permalink
    21 December 2010 0800

    I try to power through but it takes a while sometimes. Which is why I’ve been working on the same novel since last June.

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